The most authentic good chalcone only to find Ascalon

Chalcone race Profile:The chalcone everywhere, but the most authentic good chalcone only to find Ascalon. The Xiaobian visited Chalcone family is Ascalon black fortress nearby residents represented by. They are a combative race, but by the test of their own success. They are human beat, oppression by the witch doctor, also experienced a civil war, but survived. Today, they are back, once again conquer and rebuild their original homes. The huge fortress “Black fortress” Let us take a look at the construction of the cats is what kind of style it!

Original painting of the black fortress
Before mentioned chalcone building small must first introduce Ascalon once chalcone hometown after was Ascalon human invasion, driven from their homes, and then again to recapture one of the twists and turns in not a few words will be able to say that clear, but this war-torn land is no longer when the plump and rich has become a broken barren zone. Sand the pulverizer and karst erosion ground Ascalon now form the largest geographical features. The stone-built human then the main city UBS, have become ruins.

Stone building is the human ruins of Ascalon
Return to Ascalon chalcone to a better life, traditional stone or wood buildings no longer adapt to the environment here, because the wooden building unbearable war impact and sand erosion and fragmentation of the landscape, very difficult to provide quality chunk of stone. In the Iron Legion to become the leader of the chalcone steel metal building has become the best choice, the most ideal materials used in the soft sand on the ground, and can even become active room, and demolition reconstruction needed.

The black ball is a symbol of Jagged chalcone
Black Castle is very similar to the main city of the 4.0 version of Orc Orgrimmar, all buildings and facilities are paved with steel, the middle of a huge round ball is the center of the city.

The steel giant doors with the door of the Auger quite bore a striking resemblance
Steel material of construction for the meaning of resistance to invasion is more obvious, Xiaobian encounter once a giant siege event at Ascalon, the skills of the giant spike Radius almost all players, but it is also because the steel of up to ten meters gates, allowing the Giants also helpless, the players and Chalcone can fight back after the steel giant doors.

Even Giants also were unable to break
Xiaobian always wanted to find a “residential” building the chalcone their pure sense, this Orc, Spartan race in the political life of one of the soldiers and civilians, residential buildings and public buildings, the construction of war, production of building less obvious distinction between, and even can be confused, steel sheet composed of a structure, is an attack and can keep the Almighty building can live.

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