Who will see the best interests of the team


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was in an uncharacteristically abrupt mood ahead of Sunday’s visit of Arsenal. The Northern Irishman, usually so expansive in detailing his thoughts, provided only short responses to questions at his weekly press conference.

His briefing routinely lasts at least 15 minutes but Friday’s session in the press room at the club’s Melwood training ground took all of four-and-a-half minutes – and that included 11 questions.

Rodgers should have been in an upbeat mood after a morale-boosting League Cup quarter-final victory over Bournemouth in midweek, not only because of the result but aspects of the performance, but it seemed far from it.

Criticism of Liverpool and their manager has grown over the course of the season, which has so far failed to ignite for a variety of reasons after the fireworks of the previous campaign saw them finished second.

Most of it has made little difference to Rodgers’ demeanour but the Reds boss is known to be unhappy about recent media coverage suggesting there is unrest in the dressing room. He has denied there is a problem.

He was reluctant to provide anything other than cursory answers but did confirm Liverpool have accepted Mario Balotelli’s one-match ban, imposed on Thursday for his controversial social media posting, that Brad Jones would continue in goal and that they missed out on Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez in the summer.

Balotelli indicated on Thursday evening his intention was to comply with the judgment of the independent panel and Rodgers confirmed that was the course of action Liverpool were taking. “We accept the ban so that’s fairly clear,” he said.

Asked about the goalkeeping situation, whether he would consider signing a replacement in the January transfer window and whether he had money to spend, Rodgers said: “There’s no change. It’s not something I’m thinking about at the moment.”

Rodgers faces the prospect of his primary summer target Sanchez returning to haunt him at Anfield on Sunday. He had hoped to secure the Chilean international as part of the deal which took Luis Suarez to Barcelona, but when that was not possible he lost a straight fight with Arsenal, with the striker preferring London over Merseyside.

“All I know is that he’s a world-class player. He was identified as someone who could come in and be perfect for us,” Rodgers said. “He’s a brilliant player with outstanding quality and even bigger work-rate. We know he will be a threat.”

While Sanchez has scored 14 goals this season, Liverpool have struggled up front in the continued absence of injured Daniel Sturridge, with both Balotelli and Rickie Lambert failing to offer a significant contribution.

In a change of tactics Rodgers has played Raheem Sterling in the central striking role in the last two matches, and while the 20-year-old fluffed his lines at Old Trafford he looked sharp in scoring twice against Bournemouth.

“The kid has been fantastic wherever he’s played this season. He was outstanding the other night,” Rodgers said. “It’s been incredible the stick the kid has received, with people trying to criticise him and put the focus on to him.

“He’s been outstanding for us and it was another great performance from him the other night in a difficult game.” In terms of where he will play Sterling on Sunday, Rodgers added: “We’ll see what’s in the best interests of the team.” I know you also want to creat best interests with FIFA 15 coins in the game of FIFA 15.

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Eden Hazard enjoys playing a bit of FIFA with his fans

We all know Eden Hazard continues his love for FIFA 15 by picking his ultimate legends XI. There are certainly some interesting names in there.

By now, we all know how much Eden Hazard enjoys playing a bit of FIFA, whether it’s for the sake of a TV advert or beating his own fans, and if you are his fans or not ,you can play with FIFA 15 coins to go with him to fight .

The Chelsea winger has now been asked by EA Sports to pick his ‘legends XI’ – basically just his all-time best XI.

Having joined Lille at the age of 14, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Hazard has a strong French contingent in his starting side with the likes of Laurent Blanc, Marcel Desailly, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires all getting the nod.

Interestingly, Hazard couldn’t help but subconsciously lean towards the legends of Chelsea’s London rivals, with no less than three Arsenal players included, as Dennis Bergkamp heads up the attack.

And gooners will be loving that…

tumblr ng47xfJ4vg1qc0hbso1 500 FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is picked by Eden Hazard


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FIFA 15 with excellent tips will make you excitement

There is no game that is so similar to FIFA 15. You can translate the world’s most popular sport. The games can be played on all kinds of serves such as PC, XBOX, mobile phones. Then how to build the best squad of real life players must be your big problem. Today I will give you a few tips to build the gorgeous FIFA UT team.

1. Useful Bronzes and Silvers
Do not build your team with all-rated team at the very beginning. Bronzes and silvers will also works well in their own min-markets. The most important thing is that the cost is quite cheap. Bronze squads level the playing field between veteran FUT users and inexperienced gamers. Use Bronzes in the beginning will save your budgets by cheap FIFA 15 coins.

2. Identify the key stats, pick up the highly rated players instead of the numbers
The good players will be much better than a number of low rated players. When you buy and sell players, you can be based on the TOTW and TOTY predictions. The predicative players will have big rising space. Buying before the TOTW and TOTY will make a big profit for you.

3. Arrange your tactical commands to enhance your defense and attacks.
As we all know that defense and attacks play a quite important role in building the most powerful FUT team. We can enhance defense and attacking from which sides?

image 2.img 1 You should learn to build powerful FIFA 15 UT with excellent tips

Defense part

A. Positioning Keep good shape and occupy good positions. Do not divide the tackle. After doing those, you should keep the goal out. B. Tackling. First of all, avoid continuing standing tackles, secondly, using sliding tackles to block shots. C. Sprinting Save sprinting for when you really need it, maybe to accelerate and intercept the ball or to keep pace with a striker.

Attacking part

A: Dribbling
You had better past a marker and create space by using the effective and simple dribbling techniques. Furthermore, good controls over the ball will contribute to the excellent dribbling techniques dramatically. Of course, if you can predict the defender’s movement, you can use your own momentum against them with a well-timed change of direction.

B: Passing
If you want to break through a stubborn defense, you should adjust the passing pace. If you are surrounded by a group backs, dribble the ball all the time and pass the ball steadily to crate the gaps for you to play into. Utilize short pass, drop pas, flip pass etc between you and your teammates to defend against the opponents.

C: Shooting
Check out your strikers to see which foot they’re dominant with and whether or not they have a good weak foot rating. Besides, re-position before shooting when one –on –one will successfully improve the shooting. Furthermore, you can expect more rebounds. Once you are ready to shoot, pay attentions to your nearby opponents. And be familiar with the free-kicks, corners and crossing. Practice them more and put them into use.

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Authentic football game of FIFA 15 on the Google Play Store

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team™ features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Plus, over 30 real leagues and stadiums! Build a dream squad of footballers and put them to the test. From the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to the German Bundesliga and beyond. Take the thrill of football with you wherever you are with the most authentic football game on the Google Play Store.


Earn, trade, and collect superstars like Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard to create your own fantasy team. Choose your play style, formation, kits, and more.Put your management skills to the test with new Quick Simulations. Set up your squad, start the match, and watch. Make smart subs, tactical tweaks, and gauge team effort along the way. Your match results depend entirely on your ability to manage player skills and chemistry – taking authenticity to the next level.All you can use in practice when you have FIFA 15 Coins Android  for FIFA 15 Android , then you can practice makes perfect.

Use classic controls – now with the new “through pass” feature – or opt for new “Casual Controls” with fewer buttons. You can even double tap the joystick to enable tactical dribbling for closer control of the ball. Plus, if you have an external controller – don’t miss the chance to use it on the pitch for the first time. Play your favorite team’s next fixture, plus 3 other major match-ups happening around the world – every week.

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The chant of FIFA 15 is sung for players

I want to sing a song of Football chant, FIFA 15 has more crowd chants for the major teams than previous versions of the game.Authenticity is the watchword for the world’s best-selling football simulator.To achieve it, the title’s creators teamed up with TV sports broadcasters across the globe, which provided recordings taken from several games.


All, Each delivered up to 32 separate but simultaneously recorded tracks created by microphones dotted around the stadium involved.Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue to listen to hear some of the Liverpool FC chants recorded for FiFA 15.As well as delivering “realistic” effects for the rattle of goal frames and spectators’ “oohs” and “ahs”, this also allowed the developers to provide “thousands” of real chants and songs.

EA Sports’ David Rutter discussed Fifa 15 earlier in the year at the E3 expo.Chants featuring swear words had to be identified and ditched – a particular problem at South American games, Mr MacPherson remarks.And a pro-independence chant recorded at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadiumcaused controversy in Spain after a “perfect storm” of factors let it slip through to the demo version of the game. It doesn’t appear in the final release.Now let’s prepare to FIFA 15 coins to play FIFA 15 with feeling of making players exciting.

It generated a whole lot of press, that’s for sure, Mr MacPherson recalls. In our quest to be authentic we have to be even more vigilant, and what we end up doing is creating a censored version of reality.EA removed FC Barcelona fans’ Independence chant from the final version of FIFA 15″When you play a match you’re not going to hear the same breadth of content that you would hear at the grounds on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll get 35% to 40% of what you might hear.  That’s just the nature of having an E for everyone-rated game.

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Attention ! EA servers down for FIFA 15 today

At the time of writing, it looks like EA servers are down today and you may not like the reason why. We have checked online and once again, LizardSquad are claiming responsibility by boasting that EA servers are offline for the likes of FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 and Madden NFL 15.

We have just checked our own FIFA 15 game and can confirm that EA servers for FIFA 15 are not working on December 10 at the moment not including FIFA 15 coins . EA has yet to respond to this, but hopefully they will be able to counter the ‘EA servers hacked’ claims that we are seeing on social media at the moment.

After managing to take down the PSN and Xbox Live recently, it’s difficult to imagine when LizardSquad are going to be arrested and made to pay for their crimes.


At the moment though, it just keeps happening time and time again and it must be very frustrating for a lot of you. We haven’t tried Madden ourselves, but reports on Twitter suggest that all EA games have been hit, so obviously Madden NFL 15 servers will be down as well – FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 Madden will be the three most played EA games at the moment.

Give us your status at the moment, as we look for further answers. Are the EA servers down on FIFA 15 and Madden NFL 15 for you at the moment, in your area?

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FIFA has revealed nominees


Well,the contenders for this year’s FIFA Ballon d’Or award for the best player of 2014 and for the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year 2014 award were announced today .In alphabetical order, the FIFA Ballon d’Or nominees are: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Manuel Neuer (Germany), while Nadine Kessler (Germany), Marta (Brazil) and Abby Wambach (USA) will contest the women’s award.

The candidates for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football and FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football awards were also announced. In alphabetical order, the contenders are: Carlo Ancelotti (Italy/Real Madrid CF), Joachim Loew (Germany/German national team) and Diego Simeone (Argentina/Atletico de Madrid) for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football award, and Ralf Kellermann (Germany/VfL Wolfsburg), Maren Meinert (Germany/Germany U-19 and U-20 national teams) and Norio Sasaki (Japan/Japan national team) for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football award.

All the nominees were confirmed after a voting process which was open to the captains and head coaches of the men’s and women’s national teams of the 209 member associations as well as to international media representatives selected by FIFA and France Football voted for candidates.

The percentages of the collected votes are as follows (number of votes/number of associations):
Voting for men’s awards:
Member associations (captains & coaches): 87%
Media representatives: 94%

Voting for women’s awards:
Member associations (captains & coaches): 83%
Media representatives: 77%

The voting procedure for each of the awards is supervised and monitored by the independent observer PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Switzerland.

The shortlist of 15 forwards for the FIFA FIFPro World XI was also announced, completing the final shortlist of 55 players also featuring five goalkeepers, 20 defenders and 15 midfielders.

The forward shortlist is (home country, club):
Sergio Aguero (Argentina/Manchester City FC); Gareth Bale (Wales/Real Madrid CF); Karim Benzema (France/Real Madrid CF); Diego Costa (Spain/Chelsea FC); Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Real Madrid CF); Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden/Paris St-Germain FC); Robert Lewandowski (Poland/FC Bayern Munich); Lionel Messi (Argentina/FC Barcelona); Thomas Muller (Germany/FC Bayern Munich); Neymar (Brazil/FC Barcelona); Marco Reus (Germany/Borussia Dortmund); Arjen Robben (Netherlands/FC Bayern Munich); Franck Ribery (France / FC Bayern Munich); Wayne Rooney (England/Manchester United FC); Luis Suarez (Uruguay/FC Barcelona).
In addition, the three nominees for the FIFA Puskás Award for the “most beautiful goal of the year” were announced. The three final goals are: Stephanie Roche – 20 October 2013, Peamount United v Wexford Youths, BEWNL (Ireland Republic); James Rodriguez – 28 June 2014, Colombia v Uruguay, 2014 FIFA World Cup™; Robin van Persie – 13 June 2014, Spain v Netherlands, 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

All the awards will be presented at the FIFA Ballon d’Or award ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on 12 January 2015 during a televised show to be streamed live on website.

In addition to the above awards, the recipient of the FIFA Presidential Award and the winner of the FIFA Fair Play award will also be revealed during the award ceremony.And do you want to fight side and side with your friends,in that way, to buy some FIAF 15 coins to fight is a good idea!

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FIFA Ultimate Team is based on players

Tell you one thing, that EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) ,based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 26th November at 6pm.


And EA Sports has announced on Twitter the latest Team ofthe Week for FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode, with Lionel Messireceiving a special blue card rather than the standard black card each in-form player has. Messi’s second in-form card of the season has the player rated at 95, with it boasting 95 pace, 97 dribbling, 89 passing and 93 shooting.


Starting XI

GK – David De Gea (Manchester United)
RB – Carvajal (Real Madrid)
CB – Hilton (Montpellier HSC)
RB – Paul Verhaegh (FC Augsburg)
CAM – Dimitri Payet (Marseille)
CM – Paul Pogba (Juventus)
LM – Yannick Bolasie (Crystal Palace)
LM – Christian Eriksen (Spurs)
ST – Eric Choupo-Moting (FC Schalke 04)
CF – Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
ST – Ari (FC Krasnodar)



  • GK – Sergio Padt (FC Groningan)
  • CB – Carl Medjani (Trabzonspor)
  • LM – Jakob Ankersen (Esbjerg fB)
  • CAM – Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Puebla)
  • ST – Aaron O’Connor (Newport County)

And it is time to click HERE  to  acquaint more about FIFA 15.

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