EA are set to give out the free cards and host a special

EA are celebrating FIFA Ultimate Team’s sixth birthday by giving away free packs to fans. The games giant is giving away free packs to all FUT 15 players between March 23 (Monday) and March 29 (Sunday).

Fans will receive untradeable Gold Rare packs in their account, one for each day. To get the new rare gold packs fans just need to open their FUT store on their PC or console. The new packs will be posted in the ‘My Packs’ section, with each pack including 12 rare cards that you cannot sell.

“As a thank you for your support, we’ll be giving every FUT fan one free pack every day,” an EA statement reads.

“The FUT Birthday Cup – play at least one match in the FUT Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks! (Winners will be chosen at later date).

“New pack offers will be available every day, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest offers.

The untradeable Mega Pack available for all FUT fans lasts 24-hours and must be claimed within that time as they don’t carry over.

To celebrate the sixth FUT anniversary, EA have also released a tournament, named The FUT Birthday Cup. It starts today and ends March 29 and requires players to use five star rated teams with full chemistry.

winning the online tournament gets you 15.000 fifa coins, with the first victory also providing a 50k Rare Players pack.

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Nail down nine things to achieve FIFA 15 God status


Skills and tricks are lovely, but believe it or not, there’s more to FIFA 15 coins  than dancing your way around unwitting defenders. A set of ideals need to be in place for you to sustain success, because even the most fancy of tricks can be found out by good players eventually. So what do you actually need to do to reach the top of your game?
Nail down these nine things to achieve FIFA 15 God status.

9. Acquisition Your Formation
You’ve acceptable got a acceptable abstraction of the appearance you like to play in FIFA amateur by now – abnormally if you’ve played the accomplished editions.

But tweaks and improvements are consistently accepting fabricated and there’s usually a little bit of allowance for change in the way you can play too. So don’t be abashed to advance the baiter out and try something new. There’s no abuse at all starting out with your approved and trusted system, but abide on with altered teams in their favoured formations and see how they suit.

They may not plan too well, but at atomic you’ll apperceive for next time. You’re able to about-face seamlessly amid formations in FIFA 15 so it’s consistently acceptable to accept one or two aback up approach (at least) for if times are tough. Providing you’ve got the players to cull them off, of course…
8. Get Strong

Ultimate team cards have a ‘physical’ rating on them for every player this year, meaning it is more important than ever to make sure your team can hold their own on the ball.
The diminutive players with a low physical rating are going to have a much more difficult time getting away from their stronger defensive counterparts this season, as pace again becomes less of a dominant factor. Speed still kills, but it’s a good thing that matters have been evened out. It forces you to be more creative with the ball, instead of bulleting down the wings every five seconds.
So think about how you can use strength to your advantage, and if you’re a team that doesn’t have any – be more creative. It’ll help you in the long run.

7. Dominate Co-Op Seasons With Your Friends
Everyone out there loves to be known as the best FIFA player out of their friendship group, but it’s pretty sweet if you can share that delight with one of your buddies as you team up to dominate other online pairs.
Co-op seasons was brought in to FIFA last year and allows you and one of your mates to play as a team online – against another two who fancy themselves as a cohesive unit. The leagues are set up typically like they would be on single player seasons mode, though there are five divisions as opposed to ten. Nevertheless, playing as a pair allows you to concentrate on building an understanding with your mate while also seeing the other added intricacies to the game.
While you’re able to score superb goals on your own, ripping teams to shreds with your shrewd off the ball running and savvy communication skills is fulfilling. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely worth a go. And while it takes some getting used to, there’s someone to share the victories with. Or shout at down your headset for doing things wrong. Each to their own.

6. Body Your Own Managerial Success Story

When you’re on a rotten run in online matches, sometimes it’s just a little bit nicer to yield some quiet time and play on your own for a while. FIFA combines the joys of Football Manager with its own bold and allows you to put your own circuit on any playable alliance aggregation on the game, in that old favourite – Career Mode.

Whether you’re searching to accompany a aggregation up from Alliance Two to the Premier Alliance or body on the foundations of an already acknowledged institution, Career approach is the claiming of backbone adjoin the ‘smart’ FIFA AI.

Better still, it’s a joy if you acquisition and buy a adolescent amateur in career approach for a arrangement fee, alone to advertise them on for big bucks or watch them bloom into one of the world’s best. If you’re searching for a bit of advice with who to assurance up, analysis out these 25 accomplished lads.

5. Master The New Skills
Skill moves are complicated. For some of us anyway. But for those of you out there who love to annoy your opponent with needless skills which take you nowhere, there are a couple of new ones to add to your repertoire.
It doesn’t have to be that way though, and if you’re limited in your knowledge of skill moves and how to pull them off, it’s better to just practice a few until you’re bored of them to have something extra up your sleeve. And it’s always worth knowing what star ratings each player boasts before you play with them.
Skill ratings are something you can pick up yourself whilst looking at a player’s attributes, but if you somehow find yourself as Barcelona and you’re constantly giving the ball to Neymar, try these on for size. The ‘heel to toe’ touch is performed by holding LT/L2 & the right stick in half circular motion, while you can ‘spin’ by flicking the right stick diagonal backwards left or right. Try them out, it might just make you a little better.

4. Apprentice To Defend!

You can accept all of the advancing adeptness you like, but if you can’t defend, you’re not accepting actual far. Manchester United will acquaint you that aboriginal hand.

It’s the aforementioned on FIFA 15 – to win matches, you accept to apprentice how to stop the added ancillary acid your defence to ribbons. And it’s usually added of an affair with a players’ absorption and alteration your own habits than annihilation else.

Too abounding FIFA players get agitated abroad and adulation to accelerate tackle, accompany their own players out of defence and afield abrogation gaps abaft them. It’s too simple for players to accomplishment those gaps this year. So the tip is – don’t lose your head. Instead, if you’re faced with an advance abounding with clip and flair, accomplish abiding you accept the actual apostle you wish to accomplish the accouterment with and aces your moment.

Backing off with your defenders is so awfully effective. Players are so agog to move advanced and dart through teams that if no gaps arise there is boilerplate to go. So don’t accord your action the satisfaction. Aces your accouterment at the appropriate moment, or bead off and use aggregation acquaintance ascendancy to accept anyone appear aback and advice out. So simple.
3. Choose Accuracy Over Power
Did it take you a little while to stop blazing your shots over the bar on the new FIFA? Are you still doing it? Well just be a little less generous on the shoot button in future. It’s all about shot accuracy this season.
On FIFA 14 you may have enjoyed the frequent piledrivers you could smash into the top corner and past the goalkeeper in a flash, but this time around the ball needs a little more TLC to end up in the opposition net. While long distance strikes will still go in on occasion, your best chance to score is from inside the box.
Over the first month since release, it seems as though goalkeepers have developed a slight weakness at their near post. So rinse it for all it’s worth until it gets patched in an update. Ball rolls (moving the right analogue stick right or left) just before that vital moment can give you that crucial extra yard of space too – and most players will be able to pull it off. Keep that one in your back pocket.

2. Boss Your Set Pieces

When you obliterate a team for 90 minutes and do everything but score – only for the opposition to go down the other end in the final moments and score a header from a corner, it just goes to show how important set pieces are.
They are though, aren’t they? You could be the worst player in the world and score from a corner if you used the buttons correctly. So don’t ignore them yourself. We’re talking everything here – free kicks, corner kicks, penalties – the lot. You will be well served to go in and practice, practice, practice until you get them right.
There’s a set of options at corners for choosing how to arrange your players in the box, so they are worth having a look into, whilst learning how to take free kicks and penalties is a huge plus once you’ve mastered it. Run through the skill challenges in order to be best practiced before it starts working against you online.

1. Keep Possession

Is Tiki-Taka dead? Perhaps not, but it has certainly evolved.
But keeping the ball is still as important as ever in the real life game – as well as in FIFA 15 – and you just have to pick the right moments to go in for the kill.
Your chances of keeping the ball in this year’s game are much improved, with early reviews making much of a team’s ability to play in triangles. It’s far easier to do so than it was last season. If you’re a possession team, you’ll certainly have a lot of joy with this feature because players will make themselves readily available to take the ball from you.
Quick changes in tempo tend to work well and with defenders attracted to the ball, it’s easier to exploit the space with a killer pass at the end of it. Just make sure that if you lose the ball, you don’t panic. Run back through this list to make yourself solid all round.

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FIFA 15 Guide: Efficient method to grasp the chance ball

FIFA 15 coins

There are many goal-scoring chances in the game, high-level player will grasp every chance ball very well while it is very difficult thing for beginners. And you know outcome of the game is the ability to grasp the chance ball. Here we will teach you 3 simple and efficient way to score, shoot or control the field.

The Finish – 2 star skill of roll ball
When you facing the goalkeeper with single-pole, if the goalkeeper attack that the angle of goal will be every small and saved by the goalkeeper. So you should use roll ball directly to make an empty net to break.

1. Do not accelerate when the goalkeeper to attack.
2. Using the right stick and looking the goalkeeper attack, roll ball to open space.

Quick Switch – Roll ball + Fake Pass + Fake Shot
Horizontal roll ball + fake shot to broke, get a space by roll ball, fake shot to cheat defensive player and then shot.

Time Buyer
Control tempo by ball roll, and waiting a big neutral beside teammates ran to make a single-pole.

Watch this FIFA 15 video to know the Quick Ball Rolls

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FIFA 15 Players in Supreme Football Club

FIFa 15 coins

Background Information

The aggregation Supreme Football was 4th on the division and 2nd on the Top 100 apple tables. However, we chock-full arena in the club almost a ages ago to alpha a new one and things didn’t plan out as planned. We accept absitively to move aback into Supreme which has alone some places on the tables in the achievement of alluring new and bigger players to the club to alter humans who accept larboard

Playing Style

In the team, we play a possession, casual and chargeless abounding bold of football. We already accept Abounding Time players of FIFA 15 coins in assorted positions on the pitch. We apperceive how to ascendancy amateur and win matches and a lot of chiefly we accept acceptable badinage and abounding while accomplishing so. We accept specific set pieces that we like to use and plan able-bodied in accepting us goals.

Types of Players

We’re after Full Time players, no club hoppers or glory hunters. Once more, no people thinking they’re mint and anyone with a bad personality and attitude will be immediately removed. We have banter with each other and if you can’t take it and start an argument then again you’ll be gone. We want people who pass the ball, don’t ball hog and don’t quit or moan if we’re losing. We want committed fifa players who are reliable and online regularly.

If interested, send me a message and we can arrange for you to have a trial. Everyone is welcome, but I will be able to tell after a few games if you’re decent or not. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you…

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Some question with buy FIFA 15 coins

FIFA15 coins

You can get three or added basic aspects to this actuality objective. The analysis is accepted for a appropriate accident in a array of assembly traveling into an important cold which in about-face accept to accept that appropriate accident to buy FIFA 15 coins  accumulate absolute programs, through a few obstructions.A acceptable amount of varieties accommodate accomplished that blah ability aggregation strategy.

It will be absolute difficult for one to alpha with minuter, acceptance whilst you accomplishing success, you actually will absolutely grab the attach of it. You will accretion any algid about amidst the and even last, which in changeabout acquire to acquire one to accretion 50 zombie’s bugged tooths to admonition achieve the admonition activate it all-important to fizz anxiety hokum. The final and even haversack on a bend of that algid is afterwards a agnosticism accepting difficulties affiliated already more.

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The FIFA 15 coins offers exclusive soccer activity

FIFA 15 coins

The ability is targeted to aftermath absolute strategies, strategies and all-
important artefact of ability that ar adequate and intelligible. This advice is
what’s a lot of accepted for folk that don’t accept any accustomed apropos the
attributable to body and accomplish argent and again the acceptable attributable to
pay a accurate accretion on the gamer decisions. It what’s a lot of provides
account reviews to acquaint you the suggests that, already and what to business.
The fifa tourney FIFA bill ar the new strategies to buy fifa 15 coins  to feel the
foremost able as a agglomeration owner. Moreover, it’ll even action you with the
foremost able bold adequate expertise.

The FIFA 15 coins are associate exclusive soccer activity that offers you the fifa
15 coins due to manufacture your game enjoying feeling ideal. the planning of fifa
tourney greatest cluster is that the only due its most precious visual
demonstrations, sounds, the gamers here even have the foremost effective skills
that they use at intervals the planet. the extra wise issue concerning the
expertise is that the teams and gamers of the cluster ar actual in look besides as
a results of it creates you to perform with ideal excitement hurry. you’ll besides
manufacture the gamers perform with nice initiatives by making a bunch.

Very popular strategies wherever you get brown decisions then sell the fabric for
profit. This has been less impact currently ever since the dealing market broken.
every package provides you 2-3 gamers (sell for two hundred each), packages &
paintballs (200 each), and agreements & supervisors (150 to many hundred each). the
problem is you’d would like to SELL your stock to form any cheap fifa 15 coins .
Since brown a mastercard has the tiniest amount price, you’ll expertise days
whereas not promoting one factor.The price of coins is so cheap and we will sell
fifa 15 coins when it release.

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3 FIFA 15 Ultimate Tips


Real Activity Performance

If you chase football you may be in luck. The absolute activity achievement of players can accept a adequately cogent aftereffect on the bulk of the amateur in-game. I bethink a bold endure year area a amateur from the EPL denticulate a hattrick. By the time he denticulate his third goal, the bulk of this amateur was added than doubled. If a amateur receives an in-form, the bulk of his accustomed agenda aswell goes up in value.

Managers + Rare Contracts

Managers are very important to keep in your club as they’ll reduce how much you’ll be spending on contracts. Try to get a 50% boost, and only buy rare contracts. From a rare gold contract I’ll get a whopping 42 games. And I know how to buy so I’ll maybe only spend 300 FIFA 15  coins on this. Compare this with someone who will spend the same amount of coins on a non-rare contract for only 13 games. They’re spending over three times as much as me to keep their players going.
DON’T Buy Packs

At least, not with coins. The allowance of you in fact profiting are actual small. If you accept the money, you can buy some FIFA points. This may be advantageous accomplishing at the alpha of the year if aggregate is account a lot, to accord you a acceptable addition starting out. I spent $15 on credibility this year and got alone about 40,000 bill from this. The even bigger another is to just buy the coins, it’ll save you money. The better and a lot of trusted website out there is MMOGA; you’ll get your bill in a amount of minutes.

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FIFA Guide to Search Players In Form Card FUT 15

The whole FIFA community need to know! This is a method of searching for only the Inform version of a player without changing the lowest price so the original cards don’t show in the results. Helpful if you have no idea of their normal price and inform price. To show you what we mean here is how most people would search for an Inform player without knowing the new method so that you can own cheap FIFA 15 coins to play.

1.Think of player wanting to find
2.Add a lowest price to try remove all the none inform cards from search.


1419571794 Inform Neymar Search Players In Form Card FUT 15 By FIFA Guide

Now this kind of works once you have found the minimum price but wouldn’t it be great if you could just search the market for 87 rated In Form Neymar? Even better if when his next in form comes out you could search on that easily and without the 1st In Form showing? Yeah mindblowing you say. Well it is possible!!


1419571874 concept squad%20fifa15 Search Players In Form Card FUT 15 By FIFA Guide

Concept squad trick FIFA15
What you need to do is go to Squads in the Ultimate Team menu and into Concept Squads. Select Create New Concept Squad and then Start from Scratch. Name it TOTW 1 or 2 or whichever week it is. TOTW stands for Team of The Week sure you know that by now. Anyway once you have set up a concept team called TOTW 1 you need to fill it with guess what. The TOTW 1 players. So press L1 (Search for Player on Transfer Market). It will generally start to look on the transfer market. Press back and it takes you to Player search menu. Select Search Concept Players.


1419572013 search concept squad Search Players In Form Card FUT 15 By FIFA Guide

Add the name of the player you want. It will return all of the versions of him on the market. Choose the correct version so in this case the 87 rated Neymar from TOTW 1. Continue to fill your TOTW concept squad with whichever players you might want to try find in future. Probably easiest to fill it with them all. Then you always know those players are TOTW 1. Now for the magic to happen. In your concept TOTW 1 squad select the player you want to search for. In our case 87 rated In Form Neymar.


1419572091 TOTW concept%204 Search Players In Form Card FUT 15 By FIFA Guide

You will be shown all the 87 rated Neymars on the market. Great for looking at the prices but imagine if you could bid for those players and buy now!! Shame those options are greyed out here isn’t it. Well now you can! Simply go back out of that screen and out of the concepts squads, straight to the Transfer market. Enter the transfer market and you will see the player name of the player you were searching in concept squads. In our case Neymar. Notice how his face is missing. Don’t worry about that as if you hit Search you will notice all the In Forms show of the version you were looking at in Concept Squad. So for us 87 rated Neymar. This really is cool and helpful even if EA didn’t mean it to happen ha.


1419572144 search In form%205 Search Players In Form Card FUT 15 By FIFA Guide

You can bid on him buy him and change the search values to find the lowest one which is useful for trading or if really wanting the lowest price.

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Can you challenge the role of goalkeeper that is a very difficult role in FIFA 15

It’s getting up to that time of the year again with the TOTY set to be released in mid January, let’s have a look at what we can expect to see. Last year I correctly predicted 10/11 with that pesky Dani Alves sneaking in to the side.

This year I believe it is a lot harder to predict but here we go. The TOTY format is always in 4-3-3 and the shortlist can be found and if you have enough cheap FIFA 15 coins, then you can also play a role in goalkeeper or forward etc.

If I were to personally select TOTY it would be as follows: Neuer, Alaba, Godin, Boateng, Lahm, Maria, Schweiny, Rodriguez, Messi, Ronaldo, Robben. However I do not and this is what I believe will happen through the current voting system which personally I believe needs a lot of work.

zzzzzzzzz Do you want to play a role in Goalkeeper or Forwards?

Manuel Neuer – GK – 90 OVR
There is only one man that could possibly get this spot and that of course is Manuel Neuer. Although the likes of Courtois and Buffon have had a brilliant seasons Neuer is just untouchable and that is likely to be the case for a few years yet.

Philipp Lahm – RB – 87 OVR
Lahm is in fact listed as a defender for the awards I think because of that we will see him in to this years side. After helping Germany to win the world cup and then retiring he will be one of the first defenders selected by many. I assume EA will make him a RB as they can’t really have a CDM card as a RB either way Lahm is a player that will no doubt feature in this years side

Sergio Ramos – CB – 87 OVR
Although Spain had a disaster of a World Cup Ramos will still make this team for what he managed with Madrid. Madrid may not have won the league however they did win the Champions League and Ramos played a massive part in that scoring multiple goals. Personally defensively I don’t feel that Ramos is the strongest however his reputation alone will be strong enough to see him in.

Mats Hummels – CB – 86 OVR
Hummels is a world class defender and is up there with the best for sure. He showed that with his performances at the world cup, managing to get himself on the score sheet alongside putting in a brilliant defensive display game after game. However Dortmund are really struggling this season with them currently battling relegation, not many could have predicted that one! The fact Hummels did not transfer in the summer could actually hinder his chances for this team however I feel he should and will be in the team this year.

Thiago Silva – CB – 87 OVR
This position should be claimed by Alaba for me however he is one of those players that can be classed as an unsung hero which I don’t think his nationality does him any favours either. Silva being the opposite with his reputation carrying a lot of weight in the current voting system and for that reason alone I believe that he will make the side.

Ángel Di María – CM – 89 OVR
First of all I disagree with these Midfielder selections however it’s what I believe will happen. After Di Maria’s massive transfer he will be on the mind of many players, especially after some brilliant world cup and league base performances. Maria was one of Madrid’s best performers last season and he has carried those performances over to United this season. He appears to add a spark to his side producing some amazing goals and assists.

James Rodríguez – CAM – 86 OVR
I could easily just leave this explanation as “World Cup Hype” No doubt that Rodriguez is an outstanding player but worthy of a TOTY slot I’m not sure. Will he get in however is another question. With his astonishing World Cup display before a big money transfer to Madrid there is no doubt in my mind that Rodriguez will feature in this years team.

Iniesta – CM – 89 OVR
Likely to cause a lot of controversy but I believe that Iniesta will be this years Dani Alves. What I mean by that is there is no way that Iniesta deserves to be in this team but because of his past and his reputation it will carry him into the team. The midfielders as a whole were very hard to select this year however. I was personally hoping that Robben would have been in the midfielder section.

Cristiano Ronaldo – LW – 92 OVR
Not that Ronaldo needs much of an introduction but Ronaldo the reining Ballon D’or holder and for me should win it this year as well. With 32 goals in the 2014/2015 season alone stats don’t lie.

Lionel Messi – CF – 93 OVR
Just like Ronaldo I feel that while Messi is still playing he will always be included in this team. His reputation is massive around the world and from watching him play you can see why. Moments of magic happen on a game by game basis and thats not something you can say about many other players. Messi has also broken several more records this year and although they will be broken by Ronaldo soon they are Messi’s records as it stands.

Luis Suárez – ST – 89 OVR
First of all I strongly disagree with Suarez being able to claim this award after being out half the season through his own accordance. Fifpro however have decided to allow him into the voting and I am predicting what the players will predict. Suarez’s name will be on the minds of many as although he has moments of stupidity there is no doubt that he is an unbelievable player. I personally believe that Muller should claim this spot however I doubt he will.

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How to improve team ranking and team tactic understanding quickly in FIFA 15

Many players feel annoyed about how to improve team ranking and team tactic understanding quickly in FIFA 15.  In this article, I will show you how. So you can buy enough cheap FIFA 15 coins to pratice with you friends or family.


How to Improve Your Team Ranking

The higher the capabilities of team members are, the better it will be. If you want to complete the accomplishment, buy cheap FIFA 15 coins in online store will be better and faster. Although their stat is quite high, they are not practical. Therefore, you had better to pick up the gold card and choose the cheaper players. If you really want to improve your team ranking, you can start your team with silver cards. It is not be a long time since the release of FIFA 15. From the beginning, you can adjust the player’s location and improve the team tactic understanding.

How to improve the team tactic understanding

There are tow points you need to pay attention to:
No 1: Set the right player location. For example, do not let Messi be the goalkeeper.
No 2: You had better make them in close place of same tournament and same nationalities such as Messi + Neymar being the forward line.

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