PoE Flashback Event Will Be Runned On May 4th

In Path of Exile, GGG will be running a competitive Flashback Event from 9am Friday May 4th (NZT) until 10am Tuesday May 29th (NZT). It will run in parallel to the Bestiary League which will also be enabled on the event so that you can continue your challenge progression there.

The following content are the details about this event posted on the official website, don’t forget to pay attention to poe currency purchase at the same time:

Path of Exile

1. The event will include rotating mods from 11 popular past Path of Exile leagues. There are microtransactions, Mystery Boxes, Demigod’s Dominances and bragging rights up for grabs.

2. The Flashback Event will have three random mods from popular past leagues activated at once. The collection of mods will persist in that area for one hour and the collection of mods will vary from area to area. After an hour has passed the mods will randomize for each area again. Each area will also have the Bestiary league enabled which means that you can continue to finish your challenges while you compete in the Flashback Event.

3. The possible league mods that you could see in an instance alongside Bestiary are Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Abyss and Harbinger.

As an example, the Dried Lake could have Bestiary, Breach, Beyond and Harbinger active for one hour and will then randomise to another assortment like Bestiary, Ambush, Perandus, Invasion and then again to Bestiary, Ambush, Beyond, Torment and so on.

4. Flashback mods will be disabled for some areas that aren’t suitable to containing multiple of them. These areas include the Oba’s Cursed Trove and Untainted Paradise unique maps. Other similar maps may be excluded also as GGG continue their testing for this event. Flashback will also be disabled in small side areas like Aspirant’s Trial, Vaal areas and some Tora missions.

5. GGG will be running Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF and Hardcore SSF versions of the Flashback event on both PC and Xbox One! The prize pool will be shared among all versions of the event (more in-depth information in the Prizes section of this post below).

6. If you reach level 35 in the Flashback Event you will be instantly awarded a Sin and Innocence Mystery Box. This is only possible once per account. Leveling multiple characters to level 35 will not grant additional mystery boxes.

7. The top 10 of each version of the event will receive an Alternate Art Demigod’s Dominance. Ranks 11-30 will receive a normal Demigod’s Dominance.

8. GGG will also be awarding the prizes below based on your character level at the end of the event. For example, if you reach level 85 with one character you would be in the draw to win any of the prizes from the level 45-85 range. You can win more than one prize per account.

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Do Prophecies Need To Be Reworked In Path Of Exile?

Prophecies are visions of a character’s future, provided by Navali. They can be purchased for one Silver Coin and are stored in the prophecy screen. These prophecies influence the future of what happens to the player’s character. Some can change areas to generate different encounters or to force various outcomes to occur. Others trigger when a condition occurs and change the result.

Let me give you a scenario. I get the sextant 500% increased quantity of poe buy items dropped by strongbox monsters on my Tier 16 guardian map. I get ecstatic because monstrous treasure will now almost guarantee that I have tons of map returns! I go, and I buy 3 monstrous treasure prophecies, use one of them, and go into the map.

Path of Exile

No proc, no strongboxes, empty map, wasted sextant. So, I finish the map, reset the prophecy, and start over again, once again no proc, repeat this one more time, and my window for actually getting some good returns, has faded. This of course leaves any player who has invested both in the sextant as well as the prophecies frustrated and pissed at the mechanic.

Currently, whenever a prophecy is activated in Navali’s list, it picks out certain maps where it can proc. However the player has no way of knowing which maps it can proc in, and the only way of resetting this list of maps, is by spending the silver coins to seal, and then restart the prophecy again. This is just terrible for those who enjoy using the prophecy mechanic, not only do you spend a horrendous amount of coins, you constantly lose out on opportunities, because the prophecy just simply didn’t proc.

I would like to suggest one of the three changes below:

1: Allow players to see what maps the prophecy will proc on.

2: Change the system so that it is a random chance to proc on a map, instead of a defined list. Meaning just because it didn’t proc once, doesn’t mean it won’t proc the next time. (At least this way we don’t have to go spending dozens of silver coins in frusteration.)

3: Get rid of this whole random proc-ing system to begin with. It’s annoying, and I can’t particularly see any reason behind it, maybe fellow redditors will be able to explain it.

What’s your opinion? If you are new to the game and don’t want to mess up your first build, follow some build guide from our website or keep an eye on poe currency buy.

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How To Play Path Of Exile With The Right Method?

For most beginners, they may know few about the Path of Exile 3.2. Today’s post will tell beginners how to play this game with the right method. Having enough chaos orbs poe is a prerequisite.

1. For class selection, it’s truly your decision.

It’s exactly that what class you choose determines your start point around the skill tree. As a result, all of the courses are balanced around certain archetypes. Beginners would prosper to stay using the simpler classes like Marauder or Witch on their own first run.

Path of Exile

2. The most crucial element of playing PoE may be the skill tree.

A build lives or dies through the choices within the passive skill tree. The bonuses you are taking is determined by the category and overall build you’re opting for. But don’t feel afraid of the a large number of skills around the tree. There’s a thriving community in PoE that publishes thorough build guides for new players. You should check the PoE Classes/Builds Forums or perhaps a build tool online for many ideas.

3. For what build to choose, new players may wish to choose a build that meshes very well with their class choice and also the current meta.

In most cases, builds for brand new players is going to be quite simple when it comes to mechanics. Nothing kills beginners quicker than getting to juggle very specific gear setups with flask management and timing abilities and buffs towards the second. You will need , which could be really usefulin PoE.

4. Don’t worry an excessive amount of about not getting the very best gear or enough currency like a new player.

Soon you’ll understand what the management struggle seems like. You need to concentrate on finding builds that you simply believe are fun to experience like a new player.

5. Builds themselves concentrate on three primary areas. Offensive buffs, Defensive Buffs and Core Skills.

Offensive Buffs will have to operate in tandem using the core skill of the build. For instance, a Totem Warchief build will probably want Totems that deal a kind of Elemental Damage and bonuses in the skill tree that boost Elemental Damage, all while reducing the quantity of damage the gamer takes by buffing Totem existence.

6. Make sure to read item stats and talent descriptions of Gems and also the Skill Tree completely.

Some skills offer flat additive bonuses to break, while some increase damage inside a multiplicative way. Always choose to multiply your damage whenever possible. Tanking through damage output is frequently what you want in PoE.

7. The abilities of the build are based on Active Skill Gems.

These gems slot to your gear itself, and could be buffed directly by Links to passive skill gems. Once more, you need to concentrate on Skill Gems which are cohesive with the selection of build. For instance, if you’re managing a projectile-based build, you may want to that could associated with your primary damage dealing skill that boost the number and overall harm to individuals projectiles.

When you encounter some problems that you don’t understand in the game, please don’t panic, you can log in our official website on https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile, there are some guides and news related to the Path of Exile for beginners.

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What Items Do You Miss Most In PoE’s History?

In Path of Exile, over the years the game has changed dramatically and frequently. What items, passives, skills, mechanics, etc. Do you miss most?

Path of Exile

Here’s my top 3:

1. AA + EB. Artic armour and Eldritch battery provided one of the most fun and unique defense styles for casters, but in it’s new form AA just feels like a less expensive determination most of the time.

2. Cast on Crit. This was undoubtedly the source of the most fun I’ve ever had in this game. There’s nothing quite like vomitting projectiles all over the screen after 1 click.

3. Reduced mana affects auras. While certainly not good for the health of the game, turning every character into an aurabot with little to no investment was amazing.

Let’s take a look at the views of other players:

1. CoC or AoE. Specifically CoC with Spectral Throw and Vortex’s/Ice nova’s aoe.

2. I also kinda miss CoD Spectres, but that’s just because it was hilarious seeing EVERYTHING instantly die to a 2 screen wide righteous fire.

3. Shotgunning would be a good 4th. The death of shotgunning killed A LOT of my favorite skills. Arctic Blast, Freezing Pulse being some of my favorites who don’t really have a place anymore.

4. To this day, Kinetic Blast Cast on Crit Frostwall was the most fun I’ve ever had on a character. (Technically, I suppose that would also include legacy CoC mechanics to fully recreate, but eh, given that we now also have Poet’s Pens, it’s probably fine.)

5. Searing touch discharge, when you could use multiple enduring crys to generate your charges. What about you?

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U4GM Makes Your PoE Items Shopping Efficient And Fast

Path of Exile, the dark action RPG from the New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games, has been deliberately designed to promote guilds, leagues, farming and group dungeon explorations: in short, team play.

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Path of Exile: The New Update Is All About Catching Beasts

In Path of Exile, skill builds need to be separate from gear, gear should empower the skill build of the player without being a requirement for the build to function. Classes are nothing more than avatars. The starting position on passive tree is virtually meaningless. The economy is exciting, and the end game is a amazing online game. The game is only available on PC but will make its console debut on August 24. Are you sure to know more news? find more at here.

Path of Exile

Unfortunately, PoE is not available as cross-play, because the Xbox One players will play on their own realm which is going to be separate from the PC realm. Xbox One players have been waiting on Path of Exile since the beginning of 2017 when the game was announced for its release and the Beta Test for the first time on consoles. The new update is all about catching and collecting beasts. In addition, a suitable trailer was published.

The new update is all about catching and collecting beasts. In addition, a suitable trailer was published.

Fill your menagerie
Your captured beasts can be kept alive in the menagerie until you are ready to sacrifice them on the Blood Altar.

Expand your bestiary
Einhar’s life’s work is the Bestiary, a comprehensive book that classifies and describes the existence of wildlife in Wraeclast. With every captured beast your progress in the bestiary is recorded.

Capture dangerous beasts
With Einhar’s support, you can capture any beast in Wraeclast. Once you master the noble art of hunting, you can even capture legendary beasts that are extremely rare and unpredictable.

Make beast items
Sacrifice your trapped beasts on the Blood Altar to create and modify powerful items according to special recipes. For the strongest recipes, you must capture and defeat the rarest and most dangerous beasts. More gamers have a tendency to buy poe currency trade.

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Do You Know The Upper Prison In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, collectors of path of exile currency may know, the Upper Prison is an area in Act 1. This area has no waypoint and is connected to The Lower Prison and Prisoner’s Gate.

The Upper Prison contains two additional sub-areas: The Warden’s Quarters and The Warden’s Chambers. The door to the Warden’s Quarters is randomly located in the Upper Prison and leads to the player’s first encounter with Piety of Theopolis, an NPC who speaks and then vanishes. Beyond Piety is a trail of blood leading to the Warden’s Chambers and the Brutus, Lord Incarcerator boss fight.

Path of Exile

Defeating Brutus will unlock the door to The Prisoner’s Gate. The waypoint in that area will also be activated, so you can optionally portal back to town before proceeding. After leaving The Upper Prison for Prisoner’s Gate you won’t be able to come back that way. The following are the Monsters you will encounter in this area:

1. Brutus, Lord Incarcerator, commonly just called Brutus, is a unique monster in the Upper Prison in Act 1.Defeating him is the objective of the quest The Caged Brute.

2. Sawbones is a unique Necromancer located in The Upper Prison. He raises undead and summons skeletons. The player can use Detonate Dead to counter him. Alternatively, player can use Bone Offering or Flesh Offering to stop raise undead (and enchanting player minions).

3. Axiom Frostguard is a type of Skeletal Mage found in Act 1.

4. Axiom Thunderguard is a type of Skeletal Mage found in Act 1 and Act 2.

5. Brittle Bleeder is a type of Skeletal Archer found in Act 1.

6. Brittle Poacher is a type of Skeletal Archer found in Act 1.

7. Brittle Thief is a type of Skeleton found in Act 1.

8. Diabolist is a type of Necromancer which appears in act 1.

9. Rotting Damned is a type of Zombie found in Act 1.

Native monsters in this area can resist cold, lightning or elemental damage and deal physical, cold or lightning damage. They can deal physical damage over time and apply the Enfeeble curse.

If you are new to the game, you can follow some build guide and buy poe orbs from our website. Another option is to just mess around yourself and see how things work but sometimes it can get frustrating if you cannot kill monsters/progress further, so be careful with it.

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Path Of Exile Offers True Freedom Of Gameplay And Development

Developed by Grinding Gear Games, an independent New Zealand studio, this special-looking Hack’n Slash puts forward its skill system to attract audiences. With a free-to-play business model, the game offers a very enjoyable gaming experience and very pleasant gaming mechanics.

Even if you do not play a game like this for your screenplay, it’s still important as it directly affects the world and the background in which players will evolve. In addition to being difficult to pronounce, the world of Wraeclast is dark, terrifying and strangely realistic. Populated by exiles, criminals and frightening creatures (or attractive according to tastes!), The continent leaves little chance for the living, while giving a new chance to the dead…


The game is, like the universe in which we are immersed, dark. The open air zones do not breathe the joy of life and the dungeons plunge us into the obscure depths of Wraeclast: some are even downright scared the first time (no I would not talk about spiders!). A very good level design therefore, knowing that the levels are generated randomly, while keeping a fixed base of elements. The graphics themselves are very good and rather focused realism than fantasy. The effects of the spells are rather uneven at the moment: the offensive and defensive spells are quite beautiful (especially the fire and ice spells) but the invocations are a bit behind the way in the look…

Different classes are available to the players; all articulated around 3 classic characteristics: strength, intelligence and dexterity. The Marauder is the barbarian of the corner, using mainly strength, Witch intelligence, Ranger dexterity. The other classes are “mixed”: the Templar uses strength and intelligence, the Duelist strength and dexterity, and the Shadow dexterity and intelligence. The Scion meanwhile can use the 3.

More than just a style of play, class choice will essentially determine your position on the passive skill tree and the different quest rewards. Indeed, the skills in PoE are here active and passive. The talent tree, consisting solely of passive skills, represents enormous potential for both complexity and replayability.

Each level gives a point of talent, and some rewards will also provide you, point that you can invest in a strength bonus for example, a bonus on your invocations or your critical hits. Despite the starting position imposed, the player is free to evolve according to his style of play and his aspirations. A marauder can, for example, put away his log ax to become a caster or an archer: be careful though a point is definitely invested and reset points are quite rare. This system, offering a complexity and a real reflection around his character, can lead to a lot of characters missed.

Active skills take the form of gems to crimp in your equipment according to their colors: they can be intelligence (blue), force (red) or dexterity (green) and will, like your avatar, win levels over monsters killed, and thereby improve their range, their damage, etc.

This simplistic-looking system becomes quite complex when you add support gems: to be placed on the same item and on a socket related to your skill gem, they add an extra effect to your skill (more likely to hit , more damage, drain of life, …) at the cost of a higher cost in mana. Of course, you can affix multiple media to your gems to create combos. Thus, a fireball spell can be modified to cast 3 and add damage damage to enemies.

A solid system that again offers true freedom of gameplay and development of his character.

Another innovation is the potion system. They are permanent and recharge when you kill enemies. They can evolve and be magical, also give you resistance to the elements, but beware, your belt is not expandable and you will be limited to five potions. As Path of Exile is the fastest selling video game worldwide, the value of its in-game currency has grown in popularity. Get more news from our website: www.u4gm.com. It sells cheap PoE currency buy. If you buy here, you will get fast delivery and best service.

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GGG Announced The Celestial Armour Set In PoE

In Path of Exile, GGG has just released the Celestial Armour Set, a mage-like ensemble trimmed with golden highlights that cloaks your character in a spacey effect. The armour set works with other celestial microtransactions like the Celestial Weapon Effect, Celestial Footprints and the brand new Celestial Shield and Celestial Staff.

Path of Exile

It also works well with skill effects like Celestial Righteous Fire and Celestial Flameblast. If you’d like to change up the look, you can even swap the helmet out for the Celestial Hood. Let’s take a look at the different views of the players:

1. AKA turn your character into Eternity from the Marvel universe. Gonna be hard to top this.

2. WTB celestial Sceptre/Wand so I’ve got something to use that fits, while wielding my celestial shield. Also, celestial Scorching Ray when?

3. Quick, keep releasing mtx and the players will forget about all the problems bestiary league has!

4. Funny how you need the other MTX pieces to make this look even remotely cool.

5. Wow, I like this Celestial Armour Set.

6. This set doesn’t feel right for some reason. And it’s not just because I usually favour heavy armour sets.

7. This will look great on my 6L Astral plate I got for a steal, along with my shaped and elder Opal rings I also got for cheap. Also, how stupid will this MTX look with a non-MTX helm?

8. That skull looks awful and out of place with the set. There are enough skulls as it is. Also, the pink eye glow is unnecessary, it would be better if we could add our own eye glows to it.

GGG will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the game they can. And we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time.

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Duelist – Gladiator Has Changed In PoE 3.2

In Path of Exile, the Gladiator is an Ascendancy class for Duelists. The Gladiator takes the hybrid nature of the Duelist a step further, with a combination of speed, power, and protection. The Gladiator works well with dual wielding or one-handed weapon and shield combinations.

The class offers opportunities to build around applying bleed, improving the player’s blocking, and enhancing Endurance and Frenzy Charges. Collectors of path of exile currency may know, Gladiator has has some changes recently.

Path of Exile

1. Blood in the Eyes: Swapped places with Gratuitous Violence. No longer reduces damage taken from bleeding Enemies by 6%. Now causes Attacks to Maim on Hit against Bleeding Enemies (Up from 30% chance), Enemies you Maim take 10% increased Physical Damage, and 10% chance to inflict Blind on Bleeding Enemies you hit.

2. Gratuitous Violence: Now requires Blood in the Eyes. Now grants 25% more Damage with Bleeding.

3. Painforged: Now causes your Counterattacks to deal Double Damage. You also Cannot be Stunned by Hits you Block.

4. Violent Retaliation: No longer grants increased Movement Speed for each Hit you’ve Blocked recently. Now grants 8% increased Physical Damage for each Hit you’ve blocked in the past 10 seconds (rather than Recently), 80% increased Physical damage if you’ve Blocked a Hit from a Unique Enemy in the past 10 seconds (rather than recently), 1% additional Block Chance for each Hit you’ve Blocked in the past 10 seconds, and grants +4% to Maximum Block Chance.

We will update the news about Path of Exile in real time, if you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please buy poe orbs on U4GM.

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