EA Sports will thwart scammers and coin sellers

FIFA 15 News - FIFA 15 explains changes to thwart scammers and coin sellers in Ultimate Team. Still more are coming to the game’s “Transfer Market,” where soccer players are traded for the game’s virtual currency. More news about FIFA 15 on Runeme.com.

Ultimate Team, an enormously popular card-collection/management mode in the FIFA series that’s also enormously popular with scammers and phishers, imposed price-range limits on players last week and ended access to the Transfer Market for two companion apps back in February.

Both steps were meant to thwart online thieves and reduce their influence over Ultimate Team’s virtual economy. Fair-playing users, however, responded with enough questions as to why the steps were taken that EA Sports today recapped what this was all about, and what’s coming next.

EA Sports will thwart scammers and coin sellers


FIFA 15 authentic player visuals screenshot 760 EA looks back on five years of the FIFA Ultimate Team juggernaut
Price ranges set a floor and ceiling on a card’s sale price. Basically, with so much fraudulent currency dumped on the market by scammers, prices for desirable players had inflated well out of reach of those playing the game legitimately.

A minimum price, however, is necessary to battle the fraudulent exchange of coins. EA Sports forbids coin sales, and the only way to obtain them is through the game itself, but coin sellers have still found ways to pull off exchanges through distorted Transfer Market sales. Coin sellers often use players with listed values much lower than their maximum range to transfer coins.

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EA are set to give out the free cards and host a special

EA are celebrating FIFA Ultimate Team’s sixth birthday by giving away free packs to fans. The games giant is giving away free packs to all FUT 15 players between March 23 (Monday) and March 29 (Sunday).

Fans will receive untradeable Gold Rare packs in their account, one for each day. To get the new rare gold packs fans just need to open their FUT store on their PC or console. The new packs will be posted in the ‘My Packs’ section, with each pack including 12 rare cards that you cannot sell.

“As a thank you for your support, we’ll be giving every FUT fan one free pack every day,” an EA statement reads.

“The FUT Birthday Cup – play at least one match in the FUT Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks! (Winners will be chosen at later date).

“New pack offers will be available every day, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest offers.

The untradeable Mega Pack available for all FUT fans lasts 24-hours and must be claimed within that time as they don’t carry over.

To celebrate the sixth FUT anniversary, EA have also released a tournament, named The FUT Birthday Cup. It starts today and ends March 29 and requires players to use five star rated teams with full chemistry.

winning the online tournament gets you 15.000 fifa coins, with the first victory also providing a 50k Rare Players pack.

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New feature to the Ultimate Team Transfer Market called Price Ranges from FIFA 15

Once this feature has been activated, all FUT items (players, in-forms, consumables, and club items) in FIFA Ultimate Team will have a Price Range that sets the highest and lowest Fifa Coins prices that each item can be sold on the Transfer Market.

fifa 15

These new features are designed to:

  • Help FUT gamers understand the value of the players in their Club.
  • Make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field.
  • Further restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the Transfer Market.

Although the new FUT item Price Ranges will differ from current prices, their relative value to other player items on the Transfer Market will remain consistent in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone.


Here are some more important notes about Price Ranges:

  • All Price Ranges will be universal across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.
  • When you list an item on the Transfer Market, the range at which an item can be sold will appear. These price ranges will be set by the FIFA Team based on analysis of past Transfer Market prices.
  • Open bid transfers will be unavailable after Price Ranges have been activated. In order to list an item on the Transfer Market, you will have to set a “Buy It Now” price within the Price Range.
  • The Price Range for each FUT item will be set wide enough for you to still enjoy trading on the Transfer Market.
  • The Price Range for certain players may be adjusted in the future as we work to improve this feature over time.
  • New ‘in-form’ FUT player items will receive a Price Range upon release.

We believe the long-term benefits of this new change will make FUT more fun and fair for everyone.

fifa 15

We know that this is a significant change to FUT, and so we want your feedback. We are confident that, in the long run, the FUT community as a whole will come to appreciate the balanced benefits that this new feature will bring to all FUT players, but it’s important you let us know what you think.

In conjunction with these changes, the Transfer Market will remain inaccessible from the Web and Companion Apps.

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Science Proves That the Patriots Are Innocent

When an erudite man tells you: “We all know that air pressure is a function of the atmospheric conditions,” you’re likely at a scientific lecture.

However, when the erudite man also tells you: “I am not a scientist,” you worry that you’ve stumbled onto the set of an antacid commercial.

Sadly, the team was then accused of providing underinflated balls during the first half of the game. (NFL rules have it that footballs must be inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 psi, or pounds per inch.)


Today, Belichick stood up in a press conference (recorded by Mediaite) and claimed he’d personally done some research.

His conclusion? Climate change between the locker room, where the balls were allegedly inflated to an approved pressure of 12.5 pounds per square inch, and the field materially affected the firmness of the balls.

His lecture’s summation: “The atmospheric conditions, as well as the true equilibrium of the ball, is critical to the measurement.” Belichick underlined that the balls hadn’t been inflated in heated conditions.

Ergo, science proves that the Patriots are innocent. Or at least the Patriots’ science does.

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FIFA 15 Video Game

Some video games have all the luck.

In this case the popular FIFA franchise has captured one of the most popular hit tunes in recent years for their FIFA 15 video game. None other than fan favorites Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” has been added to the game.

This hit tune debuted in November 2014 and has dominated the charts in the US and abroad. People have been dancing to it almost nonstop for three months now and the popularity of Mars and Ronson has skyrocketed even more. Having the song included in the video game gives the game a modern and upbeat flavor.


This comes in the form of a FIFA 15 gamer who included the tune in a celebration sequence of the game.

This video is a riot. It features players dancing to the popular song that has ruled for five weeks straight at the top of the charts. Actually two game players have added the song to their celebratory videos. The game features soccer players and once a goal is made there is a celebratory dance and the ‘Uptown Funk’ song highlights the revelry.

In addition, the new stellar roster of players for the FIFA 15 game is extraordinary. This advances the video game to new heights and allows for players to feel like they’re right in the middle of the top soccer action.

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3 FIFA Sponsors Won’t Renew for 2018 World Cup in Russia

Three second-tier World Cup sponsors opting not to renew for the 2018 tournament in Russia was normal in sports business, FIFA insisted on Friday.

Castrol, Continental and Johnson & Johnson all let their World Cup commercial deals expire in December amid widespread allegations of corruption implicating FIFA executive committee members.

The companies were among eight second-tier FIFA partners who collectively paid $524 million to be associated with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which earned more than $4 billion for the governing body.

The 2018 tournament is expected to earn at least $5 billion with improved broadcasting deals, and a new FIFA marketing strategy to include more sponsors.


Though sponsors have been urged to speak out against claims of corruption and FIFA’s unwillingness to reform, none of the three departing backers voiced public criticism.

In a statement on Friday, FIFA marketing director Thierry Weil said their leaving was normal.

“Rotations at the end of a sponsorship cycle are commonplace in the sports industry,” Weil said. “It is natural that as brands’ strategies evolve they reassess their sponsorship properties.”

FIFA previously lost a group of sponsors after the 2006 World Cup played in Germany, which had 15 multinational corporate partners.

Long-term deals with Fujifilm, Gillette and Philips were not renewed, and Toshiba and Yahoo also ended their World Cup links then after two tournaments each.

FIFA15 coins

Still, five of FIFA’s top 14 commercial partners have left in the past six months. Top-tier sponsors Sony and Emirates declined to renew for a two-tournament deal also covering the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

It is widely expected that Samsung and Qatar Airways will step in as replacements. Russian energy company Gazprom has also signed a top-tier deal.

Weil cites “advanced negotiations” with potential partners for the 2018 World Cup, where FIFA intends having more sponsors than in 2014.

FIFA plans for 20 third-tier sponsors on regional deals worldwide instead of eight national sponsors in the host country.

Of the eight second-tier sponsors, Budweiser and McDonalds already renewed for 2018.

Sponsor deals cover a four-year cycle of tournaments, and would typically include the Women’s World Cup kicking off in June in Canada.

Still, FIFA has not committed to a timetable to confirm new contracts.

“We expect interest to grow even more as the Confederations Cup 2017 and 2018 World Cup draw closer,” Weil said.

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Under The FIFA 15 Itroduction

The FIFA in the 15 most prominent strength is defence skills in actual combat, many novice players on defense may have its own hit situation following the game on defense, offense needs to pay attention to what issues you do, look below.


1, EEP don’t continually in the penalty area by tacklingkey, accidentally 100% eating penalty. Steals shouldyou get stuck click it again, by as little as possible,click is enough time generally look to take, accordingto the poor is a penalty.


2, Rob head attention press LT make defensive playersbypass the offense before the body, so chances of Rob to the point that much


After 3, near the penalty area, with around as little as possible, easy to empty, unless it is a ball carrier‘soffensive line has been blocked by you, then press RBdefense very well.


4, facing sudden chug of the player, do not press the xkey to follow, simply can’t keep up, only manual controlof defensive players, card in advance, to run in onedirection, his opponent and took it to the route taken,this anticipation requires experience.


5, when the other side flip shot, do not rush to switchto the closest Defender, if you want to switch, do notaccidentally press the arrow keys Or you may findthe Defender automatically runs away To rival thefree shot


6, battle flip shot headed away from most insurancedirectly, if the card-snatch easily be anti-robbing formBroadsword.


7, truncated, passing and offensive line, more importantthan grabbed the ball, just staring at the ball, meetmaster minute is hung and beat


8, 15 keeper very nauseous, unless it is a single ball of pure, early closure, the melee in the penalty area and try not to attack, frequent goalkeepers and defenders hit together, or when the ball is in front of,but not foolishly fighting
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FIFA 15 Ultimate The Team Encountered Link Problems

In EA Sports Team announced that high usage, and some players may not be able to use questions, now you are trying to connect to it. Which means that ultimately the team store is currently experiencing 15 players and FIFA the same problem.


The information comes from the official Twitter messages from the company and has a lot of fans reactions, and many people claim they are unable to get new players or they‘ve lost their attempt to purchase the coins not in vain.


Does not say when it might also address the ultimate team EA Sports store problems or whether the player will be in the coming days to get compensation for their problems.


This means that players will likely to join Lionel Messifrom Barcelona, Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, they surprise partners Arje Robben from Bayern Munich to their squad.


EA Sports also said that during a special Christmas events they run secret gifts, this means that all of the players were playing football SIM should be checked to see if they have access to one of the prizes offered.


Advance team of developers will continue to provide the ultimate team mode week packages, and will seek to ensure the games infrastructure is no problem.


Meanwhile, the company eyes still riveted on the real-world activities linked to the January transfer windowwith all the changes in real life settings to reflect major update and final decision will be released in February 15.


It is clear that FIFA 16 is not expected at the E3 delivery before 2015.

– See more at: http://gw2powerleveling.com/fifa-15-ultimate-the-team-challenge/#sthash.WiQ3dZme.dpuf

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FIFA’s 15 Decision

Last year, while United Kingdom was the biggest selling game country, but this week I think FIFA 15 reactions is much smaller, only a few responses to choose from.


FIFA the absence of professional Club from the past generation versionsis the only redeeming factor is just TaylorNow: it‘s not perfect but it is brilliantit makes me come back. Taylor did not see any improvement in 14 FIFA while returning some of the outstanding issues.


The movement of the ball is the biggest difference,compared to FIFA’s double-o-14 says Dave as itshould is the momentum of the ball it‘s them trying to improve with this batch. It is unfortunate, looks likea bit of a rush, unfinished, the new animated andvisual effect seems almost backwards.


BrendanCalls  simply stated If you think of a PES soccer Simulator, if you want to buy a fun football game FIFAin a statement, reiterating comments. Psychobudgie even called PES  approximate solution of good fun and gameswith FIFA.


On this basis, its decision to FIFA 15 little impact,given how many people discuss the brilliance of PES, it looks like we have to add, vote in elections and see how it fares. Two tickets, two tickets for sale, one on topof it, and one to avoid it this week. We have updated the following questionnaire so you can choose the title next week, our surgeon came, the Simulator tomorrow.
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FIFA 15 Transfer Updates Has Changed

FIFA 15 the next big event is the highly anticipated January transfer update release time for the United Kingdom and the United States.
We‘ve seen one or two noteworthy changes taking place in real life, of course, but the main action on the afternoon of January‘s transfer window closed on February 2, 2015 11 United Kingdom time on the last day.
Every year EA has always adhered to strict mode. We can tell you that developers should launch the first wave of FIFA on January 15 to January 30 transfer upgrade.
Of course, will happen on February 2, EA introduced FIFA so that‘s why some transfer transfer of 15 different batch updates.
Although we can not guarantee, FIFA transfer may 15th in the race on February 7 second wave once EA has had plenty of time to transfer the player database according to whatever happened on February 2 in real Windows.
This is EA 14–FIFA follows the pattern, as you can seewith this Google Doc as evidence. Developers followed the same pattern, 40 planned by mimicking the same schedule this year, as FIFA -1440.
We expect them to do upgrade in January this year, is expected to go first on January 30. For those who asked when will FIFA 15th update to live in the United Kingdom, history suggests that it will be in the evening, United Kingdom.
If no changes occur prior to January 30, we will update it accordingly. Now, give us your expectations in the upcoming Windows.
The next big names moving Club?
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