Guild Wars 2 How PvP

Difference between sPvP and WvW

In both types of PvP, all players are automatically set to L80. Structured PvP or sPvP for short is your traditional PvP maps that you might be familiar with in other MMOs. You are given all the skills and all the PvP gear you possibly need so that everyone starts out in even grounds. It is a pure skill based PvP without any gear gap or grind. You can access sPvP by going to Hall of Memories (last tab of your Hero window opened by pressing the H button).

Once you are there, look for the PvP browser NPC.

Talking to the NPC will open up a window with a list of servers, you can either press Play Now to join a random server or chose a server and click on Join Game.

You do not earn XP while doing sPvP, you earn Glory instead, which can be used to purchase better looking (but not better stats) PvP armor.

World vs World or WvW is a more open form PvP that focuses on capturing and defending keeps and towers. All players are set to L80 but you will wear your own gear and only have access to the skills that you have unlocked. It is therefore recommended that you do not jump into WvW right away and instead level up in PvE a bit to unlock some skills.

To access WvW, you will need to find the portal to Lion’s Arch in the Hall of Memories.

Once you are in Lion’s Arch, each of the Asura gates next to you will lead you to different WvW maps (Borderlands, Eternal Battlegrounds).

You will earn XP while doing WvW and there are also high level crafting materials that you can gather as well.


Glory is as type of accountwide currency you earn while doing structured PvP. Earning Glory will allow you to increase your PvP rank and purchase new PvP gear that give you better looks. The first 10 ranks will require 500 glory to reach.


When you port to Hall of Memories, you are given two weapons by default but they are probably not the most ideal weapons for you. Luckily, you can get other weapons and re-rune/sigil your armor/weapons by going to the PvP vendor to the right of entrance in Hall of Memories. All of the PvP weapons, armor, sigils and runes are free but they can be only used in sPvP.

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There are quests in GW2 but they may not be the traditional quests that you are used to. Quests in GW2 are called Hearts or Tasks. They are heart shaped symbols on the map that fill to full once you complete them.

Each heart has a specific level associated with it and once you are near the area of a heart, you will see something pop up on the right side of the window that tells you what you need to do to complete the heart.


Once you complete the heart, don’t forget to visit the NPC with the heart, as he/she will have something to exchange for karma earned from dynamic events.

Note that Hearts serve mostly as a guide to event hotspots and doing them all in an area won’t offer enough experience to advance to the next. Participating in events near the heart is an alternative and faster way to fill it, so unless you wan’t to try doing the simple content of the heart you should always give priority in an event if it exists nearby.

Another thing to pay attention to are the scouts. These are NPCs scattered around the map (they show up as a telescope icon on the map) that reveal nearby hearts. 

An interesting feature is the ability to track your party member’s progress if they are working on the same hearts as you. If you don’t have the simple party UI option enabled, there is a small heart icon next to each party member’s portrait if they are doing the same heart as you. Hovering over it will tell you their completion.

Dynamic events are spontaneous events that pop up all over the map. They are called dynamic events because they do not always occur in the same location and there may be different events going on from time to time. You will know when an event is nearby as you will see an orange circle on the map.

Some dynamic events trigger by themselves while others are triggered by players interacting with certain NPCs.

The symbol of the dynamic event on the map and above the target suggests what sort of activity is required to complete it. For example: if there is a symbol of a shield, then its suggested that you have to protect/escort that target, and if there is a symbol of a bag with an arrow above, then you’ll most likelly have to gather something in the area and bring it to the target.

Dynamic events typically scale up in difficulty depending on the number of players doing them. However, some dynamic events are designed as group events and will require at least 5 people people to complete it (4 if you are well organised). These events are recognised by the Group Event note in their description.


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GW2 New Theme “The Nightmares Within” Video Contest

Toxic Alliance

A new beginning, the battle more exciting!

The Nightmare tower will be assaulted head-on in the next Guild Wars 2 content release, and players get to disregard the lessons taught by every horror movie ever and step inside. What do you mean, Marjory Delaqua already sent a team in and they didn’t come back? Pfft, they were probably amateurs. You can handle it.

Players who storm the tower can unlock a nifty gas mask skin that can be applied to any head armor, as well as a version of the standard underwater breather to wear on dry land. Other rewards include a toxic spore backpack skin and two Toxic Krait miniatures, but you can only access them if you come back…alive.

To top things off, ArenaNet is hosting a Rock the Nightmare music video contest. Break out your best editing skills to create a one-minute video for the song “The Nightmares Within,” which can be found on ArenaNet’s Soundcloud, and you could win a 3D-printed GW2 guitar or some SteelSeries gaming gear! Nightmares Within will go live on November 12th.

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Guild Wars 2 Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest

Prepare to Rock the Nightmare! In the November 12 Guild Wars 2 release The Nightmares Within, you’ll storm the sinister fortress of the Toxic Alliance and face your fears!

Few things are as “metal” as a sorcerous tower full of evil, so to commemorate The Nightmares Within release, we’re hosting a heavy metal music video contest from November 5 through November 26.

The Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest runs from November 5 through November 26, so don’t delay – get rocking today!

Enter the Tower of Nightmares
The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

Create your own Guild Wars 2 music video using our all-new “The Nightmares Within” song. The most creative video creators will win SteelSeries gaming gear, and the grand prize winner will receive a unique custom Guild Wars 2 guitar from Sygnus Guitars – there isn’t another one like it on Earth or Tyria!

You may have found a way into the Toxic Alliance’s inner sanctum, but this has by no means curtailed their nefarious activities! Kessex Hills and the surrounding countryside are still befouled by the alliance’s evil presence!

Enter rooms within the Tower of Nightmares to brave special encounters—but beware! Things are not all as they seem. You can never know what awaits you within these dark rooms. Will you find yourself face-to-face with Scarlet’s agents, or a much more insidious enemy? It’ll take strength, determination, and a cool head to survive the trials that await you.

Marjory Delaqua has developed a special antitoxin to put an end to the deadly plant at the heart of the tower, but the first team dispatched to inject it never returned… Fight your way to the upper chamber in a last-ditch battle to destroy the toxic menace!


Antitoxic Fashion
Complete the meta achievement for The Nightmares Within to unlock a special Gasmask Skin! As the latest design in air purification and toxin prevention, the Gasmask is a universal skin that can be applied to any piece of head armor.

Exclusive New Looks
Complete your wardrobe with an Air Filtration Device—a dry-land version of the starter aquatic helm—or the Toxic Spore back item!

Brand-New Minis!
Two new Toxic Krait miniatures are on the loose! You have a chance to pick up one from Toxic Alliance foes you destroy, and the other can be earned by killing a very special enemy, hidden deep in the heart of the Tower of Nightmares.

Tri-Key Chest
The Tri-Key Chest holds a chance for special treasures. Collect the three keys to open it from foes within the tower, or barter for them with Marjory’s Helper, Dee. Open the chest to see what lies inside!

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Guild Wars 2 Toxic New Items in the Gem Store

Most recent product updates, Come take a look:

Neither snow nor rain nor invasions from the Mad Realm nor the uprising of the new and deadly Toxic Alliance will keep the Black Lion Trading Company from providing you with new and useful items! We’ve got new Toxic armor pieces for those of you who’ve been enamored of the Alliance’s dark beauty, as well as vivid new dyes!


    We’ve developed a set of new gauntlets and shoulderpads for every armor class that have all the deathly fashion of the Toxic Alliance—with none of the poisonous side effects!


    Toxic Dye Kits will dispense one random toxic color – and they have a chance at granting you one of six brand-new, special colors!


    You’ve got just one week left to store up enough Halloween goodies to last the year! Soon, Trick-or-Treat Bags will be gone from Black Lion Chests, our Halloween costumes, finishers, and miniatures will disappear, and the Halloween weapon skins offered by Black Lion Weapons Specialists will go up in price!


    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more

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About Nightmares Within update November 12th

Posted ImageThe dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

Arenanet announced the next Living Story update: the Nightmares Within. The heroes of Tyria assault the giant tower in Kessex Hills and fight the Toxic Alliance. According to the picture we’ll also face the Gearworks and a brand new foe. Scarlet’s messed up experiments, perhaps?

Rewards in this update include:
Gasmask Skin for completing the meta achievement, applicable to any head piece armor (yay!)
Air-Filtration-Device Skin: A head piece armor skin with the same look as the starter Aqua Breather (yay?)
Toxic Spore back item
Two new Toxic Krait minis: Mini Toxic Hybrid and Mini Toxic Nimross
Tri-Key Chest: “The Tri-Key Chest holds a chance for special treasures. Collect the three keys to open it from foes within the tower, or barter for them with Marjory’s Helper, Dee. Open the chest to see what lies inside!”
This update also includes the Rock the Nightmare-contest where you need create a music video for the “The Nightmare Within”-song. The best music video nets you a spiffing looking guitar made by the Sygnus Guitars and the second best one is rewarded by GW2-themed gaming gear by Steelseries.

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Are you a man….in an MMO?

In an MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) you won’t enjoy it unless you have someone to talk to or play with. You won’t notice anything different or exciting if you are by yourself (plus you may die a lot). So, no matter who or what he/she/it may be, just buddy up. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford.


Now there are many ways to attack a situation during an event, and the best way is with “Strategery”- George Bush: you probably have found a group of Mesmers, Warriors, Rangers, and a whole variety of classes, (check Professions), you do have some that are better at long-range or have more health than others depending on how they build their skills. So, to blow through a bunch of enemies in a row to get to a boss or do an objective, you want your melee/tanks to attack the first group as you ranged fighters go ahead slowly dragging other foes to your position. This helps take away the time between fights and clears the path(s) a little bit faster.


Now we are at the big guy…ooohhh no what do I do, I can’t hit him he is too far away and all I have is a sword. Don’t worry, they built Guild Wars 2 where there is no set class, and everyone can play a part. You can play healer and make sure those risky devil-dogs stay alive, or maybe you can watch everyone’s back from minions (not Creepers, you know, those sneaky ones). Not only can you save lives, but if you try this I swear you will have a successful run, helping everyone enjoy this amazing game, story, and experience.


Trust me, this is no walk through the park. There will be HIGHS and lows (get the hint). Always take the high ground: you have a better chance of winning if the enemy doesn’t notice you (i.e. The Battle of Hamburger Hill). There are many ways to tackle the situation. Here is what I suggest: be sneaky and make sure you have a high vantage point; not only does this let you decide how the battle ends and starts, but comes with a bonus of a first-strike. Guerilla warfare is the key, sometimes you have to know your way around your land to flank or even run away. Going back to high points, you may jump right on top or behind them and attacking, causing the enemy to have no clue and hesitate, leading to an easy win. Next, you can try and attack from above as they run up, and by the time they hit you, they will notice how low their health is. And finally, try and push them off; there is nothing more frustrating than repeating the same process over and over, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”-Albert Einstein.

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Guild Wars 2, 5v5 Weekly Cup #4

Some days ago we announced our weekly cup series. Today we want to announce our 4th cup. As last week the cup will start at 20:00 CET.
Also don´t forget that we will provide prizes worth $ 175 for the first 2 teams! So better spread the word and sign up!
The matches will be casted by  Sireph. So better tune in if you don´t have the chance to play! You can find his channel on TwitchTV! The stream will be casted by Sputti and ChroNickGamer. You can find the channel here! The chinese stream can be found on  Crispeke´s channel!In case you missed the matches of last weeks cup feel free to check the VoD´s of Jebro´s show on Youtube.

Also feel free to leave feedback via support ticket, within the forum or as news comment!

 5v5 Weekly Cup #4 – 07/11/13

   5v5 Weekly Cup #4 – 07/11/13

 Date: 07. November 2013 20:00 CET
 Mode: 5on5 Single Elimination // 45 minutes per round
Global Rules
Support ticket

 Guild Wars 2 Gameaccount



Thanks to ArenaNet we are able to provide pizes worth $ 175 for this cup.

 1st place: 5x $ 25 gem codes
 2nd place: 5x $ 10 gem codes

 Check In

Step 1 – Reservation (green)
Here you can reserve a place in the cup, but you have to confirm your participation later.

Step 2 – Confirmation (yellow)
30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to confirm your participation, if you have done that, you’re in the Cup.

Step 3 – Entry (red)
You didn’t get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still entering the cup 20 minutes before starting!

 Upcoming Cups


Weekly Cup schedule
 Cup  Date  Sign Up  Rules
Weekly Cup #5 14/11/2013
Weekly Cup #6 21/11/2013
Weekly Cup #7 28/11/2013


 Winner Weekly Cup #3

After an intense rematch of past weeks finalists  Cheese Mode successfully earned the tournament win over  Who Gets Carried Hard.


Good luck & have fun!

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Guild Wars 2 Tower of Nightmares DLC Live, New Appearance

The steady flow of content updates for Guild Wars 2 hasn’t slowed since this past summer. The latest update marks the third just in October, and is called Tower of Nightmares, which is a fitting name for a Halloween week DLC release. Players will have to deal with the ever changing world of Tyria, which is always full of new dangers and dark forces looking to ruin the day of the world’s inhabitants. They will have to band forces and plan new strategies to take on the Tower of Nightmares, which was created by a mysterious reptilian krait whose ties to a dark force are a cause for concern.

In addition to the new mission the content update also adds a new rewarded skill called Antitoxin Spray, which allows any player to heal others around them from the various poisons and toxins that are affecting them. Those who are wily enough to take down the Tower of Nightmares will also receive a Krait Obelisk Shard to erect in their home instance.

For a better look at the Tower of Nightmares DLC content head on down past the break. The content is now live, so grab a few of your best buds and begin planning your attack on the Tower so you can reap the rewards for taking it down.

Guild Wars 2 is a PC only title that is currently available.

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Guild Wars 2 Backpack Cover,Your Choice

Equipment is definitely the everlasting pursuit to players in each video game, some of the players even spend money to buy gold or gems in order to get a suit of powerful equipment. Equipment in gw2 features the appearance rather than the attribute, so it is not difficult to get top equipment in this game. We are going to show you the most comprehensive selection of backpack cover for you in this article.

To start the selection, let’s talk about the ways to get backpack cover in guild wars 2 first.
1. Players will get backpack cover as a reward for completing the main storyline.
2. You can use the Karma to buy backpack cover from some special NPC.
3. Cover will fall off in the eight raids and Fotm, so it is also a good way to collect backpack covers.
4. Correspondent backpack cover will be released in each update, you can purchase it from the trading post.
5. You can also buy backpack cover from the vendors in the guild.

In the following part, let’s enjoy all the amazing backpack covers released before in guild wars 2!!!

Mad Memories

Mad Memories. It was released in last Halloween, which looks like a book. Mad Memories were awarded to players for completing the Halloween quests.

Toymaker's Bag

Toymaker’s Bag. As a release of 2012 Wintersday, this cover was sent to every player through email.

King Toad's Backpack Cover

King Toad’s Backpack Cover. It was released in the first season of Super Adventure Box. Actually, this cover has three different colors.

Fractal Capactor

Fractal Capacitor. It was released in the event called Lost Shores. This cover should be leveled up three times to sparkle.

Fervid Censer

Fervid Censer

Sclerite Karka Shell

Sclerite Karka Shell
The above two covers were released in Southsun Cove.


Holographic Dragon Wing Cover

Shattered Dragon Cover

Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover

These two covers were released in Dragon Bash. You can still purchase the Holographic Dragon Wing Cover in the trading post.

Plush Moto Backpack

Plush Moto Backpack. It was from the second season of SAB. It looks very cute.

Wings of the Sunless

Wings of the Sunless. A cover from the Tequatl Rising. I don’t think this cover is popular due to its bad-looking appearance.

The part above collected the released backpack covers in gw2 for you. If some of the covers are missed, remember to tell us, we will add them in time.

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